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Live View Monitoring

Secure your Critical mission with live video Transmission in Real Time

Accurate and Timely information plays a very crucial role for any Law Enforcement or Homeland security Agency. Having access to live videos from ongoing field operations, Riot Situations or Huge Public Gatherings is key to significantly improve decision taken by command centre, when situations are challenging. Using Cameras in any mission Critical applications is very common in current scenarios, A large number of dedicated cameras are available in the market but the video transmission is rarely good enough.

Our ultra-compact, lightweight, low power consumption and robust transmitters connect to any kind of in-vehicle, body-worn or drone camera to transmit high quality footage On the top of it our transmitters supports dedicated intercom lines and Video Return from the command Centre, This features not only allows the field team to get instructions, but also deliver feedback in real time from field of operations.

Salient features of this equipment are :

  • Live Video Data from place of incident to police control room/mobile phone of nominated officers.
  • NO requirement of any third party server, Data captured is directly transmitted to the server of the Police Departments.
  • 256 Bit End to End Encryption
  • No sharing of Data on cloud
  • Light weight & portable (weighs only 1.2 Kg).
  • Compatible with any type of cameras.
  • User-friendly intuitive interface.
  • Equipment has facility of live transmissions and
    • Auto Record
    • Store and Forward
    • Progressive Store and Forward HD content at low bit-rates
      (Record a high quality video file and forward it progressively to the remote receiver while recording.)
  • Speedy and safe in house video transmission facility for any Police/Security Force.

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