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Asset Management

Asset Tagging ... Go beyond the capture.

We, Law Abiding Technology, puts your facility in your pocket, giving you Virtual Carbon Copy of your facility, with machinery/ assets details, unparalleled organization and effective decision-making power – Anytime, Anywhere.

Our solution is an excellent tool for documenting manufacturing systems. When utilizing this technology, an entire production/ Building facility can be transformed into a computer generated (CG) set within a very short duration of time.

Our solution will help you find, fix, & maintain your assets more efficiently and effectively eliminating this challenge enterprise-wide.

  • Increase plant reliability
  • Eliminate operational mistakes
  • Eliminate delays for Managed Operational Change (MOC) - (i.e. Executive Approvals)
  • Asset Tracking
  • Annotate, Tag, Manage and Share
  • Save time & Optimize Efficiency
  • Compile 360º Photo, BIM, CAD & Drone Data
Need for Virtual Plant Layout:
  • 3D & Virtual documentation of whole Plant Area.
  • Provides complete Fixed Asset Management and tagging with unique asset ID (UAID) to conduct cost effective physical audits.
  • Maintenance Planning & implementing design changes in the plant.
  • Effective Fire & Safety Emergency evacuation plan.
  • Help you maintain a database of purchases and restorations dates
  • Helps you maintain your accounts with one click, solution to asset calculations

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