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Counter Surveillance Equipment's

Counter surveillance is a host of measures taken to protect privacy, assets and own secrets from hostile elements/surveillance. For detection of Spy Equipment’s, we help you with our TSCM Equipment’s/ services to secure against such unwanted intrusions from competitors, criminals and hostile elements, wherever you are....

Our TSCM/counter surveillance services can be utilised in response to a one-off incident or as part of any ongoing security program. They are ethical, discreet, proportional & tailored to your specific needs.

Our expert counter surveillance team uses latest TSCM technology and techniques to counter the threat posed by even the most sophisticated electronic eavesdropping. The approach to every case is conducted in a step by step and every detail during the search is recorded and a written report is issued at the end of each search, the written report details, the timestamp of each testing and the findings along with digital printouts, sweeping device reports and photos, our final report is a comprehensive report that includes all anomalies and findings. We only provide this service to corporate agencies

We offer our Clients

  • 24/7 incident response line
  • A fast and responsive nationwide service
  • Highly effective electronic bug detection
  • A wide network of security connections and resources to draw on
  • Permanent bug detection solutions
  • Should you require our services, we can arrange a covert site visit or review floor plans of the target area and discuss your requirements
  • Following this initial assessment, we shall supply a detailed written proposal setting out our services and pricing